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Hydrocarbon Finder currently has two assets: HCF has 2 assets: Block 7 (100%), and Block 15 (90%).

Block 7

The block covers an area of approximately 2,300 km2 and contains three producing fields - Sahmah, Ramlat, and Rija. Production commenced in Sahmah (1980). A total of 55mn MMbbl of oil have been produced from the block to date. The block produces light quality oil with average gravity of 44◦ API, which is sold as Oman Blend.

The infrastructure on Block 7 is currently concentrated within Sahmah Field which houses the main tank, the camp/office, staff accommodation and the processing facility. The Ramlat field is approximately 45km from the Sahmah Field and approximately 30km from Rija. Production from the Ramlat and Rija Fields is currently being trucked to the processing facilities at Sahmah. From Sahmah, oil is then transported via pipeline for 100km to the main PDO oil line. HCF has just completed a transition of the Block 7 assets and personnel from Petrogas to HCF

Block 7 is currently producing less than 1000 BOPD, however HCF is implementing a strategy to significantly enhance oil production in the short, medium and long term.

The immediate focus will be to increase the production of block 7 through optimization of completions, recompletions and chasing bypassed reserves.

In the medium term HCF are looking to develop some of the partially developed and undeveloped discoveries. HCF are currently planning a 3D seismic survey over Ramlat later this year. This will provide structural control for a subsequent field development HCF are also assessing the exploration targets within block 7 which includes untested structures and the deeper reservoir potential below existing fields.

Block 15

Block 15

Block 15 is located in Northern Oman in the Foreland sub-basin and is just under 1400 sq kms in area. The most prospective reservoir horizons are expected to be the Natih and Shuaiba formations in the permits located immediately south of Block 15. Three wells have been drilled in Block 15 - Wadi Saylah #1 and Jebel Aswad #1&2. All wells encountered hydrocarbons. The permit is covered by 2D seismic with a 3D seismic survey over the Jebel Aswad/Wadi Saylah area.

Jebel Aswad has produced hydrocarbons on extended well tests in both Jebel Aswad #1&2. HCF is currently undertaking an extensive subsurface evaluation of the Jebel Aswad area. This study is designed to improve our confidence in the resource potential of the structure in preparation for drilling later in the year. The primary goal of the next Jebel Aswad well is to demonstrate commerciality.

HCF are also evaluating new leads and prospects as well as looking at the potential of deeper reservoirs within the known structures. Later this year HCF will commence a study to assess the permits unconventional potential.

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